To order "Remember the Brave"

If you want to order "Remember the Brave" where all proceeds go to the organization Remembering the Brave. Please click on the graphic below and order the song!

Writing Remember the Brave

It Was an Honor

             When I began playing music at fourteen, all that was on my mind was chasing girls and having fun. Since then I have realized the greatest ability songwriting can give you. This ability is to free a person’s heart. What I mean by that is simple. Sometimes people’s hearts are captured or imprisoned. Your heart can be imprisoned by love for another, hate for another, longing for those you’ve lost, and the list goes on. A song can free a heart by saying those words you couldn’t say or honoring those who deserve honor. Honoring someone is what I was able to do, as well as a little heart-healing.

            Lieutenant Colonel Steve Beck is a casualty informant officer for the U.S. military. He started an organization called Remembering the Brave for exactly that reason, to remember fallen soldiers. I was contacted by him in hopes...

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